Digital Q ticket is meaningless / invalid without a KSRTC ticket. You have to necessarily book a KSRTC ticket for travel to Pampa.


Rules of Rituals

  • Put contents of Irumudi at the designated  areas only.
  • Break coconuts only at the allotted places. – either at the side of the pathinettampadi or the Azhi.
  • Offerings to be made only at the Mahakanikka and other Kanikka vanchies.
  • Pilgrims are not allowed to climb Pathinettampadi without Irumudi.
  • Use Vadakkenada for darshan without Irumudi.
  • Lighting of camphor to be avoided while making darshan before Lord Ayyappa and before Malikapuram Devi.


"Appam and Aravana" are the two major forms of prasadam that can be purchased from Sabarimala. Devotees are advised to purchase Prasadam only from the counters of the Temple and   to refrain from engaging agents or touts for this purpose.

Devotees can purchase Appam and Aravana from the counters situated on the Southern side of Lower Thirumuttam at Sannidhanam at any time during the festival season and at the time when the temple is open on other occasions.

Modakam can be purchased from the counter near the Ganapathy temple at Pampa.

Tickets for Appam and Aravana can be purchased from the branches of Dhanalekshmi Bank.


Only limited number of rooms, dormitories and Viri type accommodation are available at Sabarimala.  Devotees are advised to contact the officials of Maramath department, Travancore Devaswom Board for availing accommodation, well before they leave for Sabarimala.  They are advised not to engage touts or agents for arranging accommodation. Pilgrims are advised to make their stay at Sabarimala especially at Sannidhanam as brief as possible to avoid overcrowding.

There is a Devaswom board guest house, 3 Pilgrim Centres, 7 Donor houses and 12 viri sheds, which can accommodate pilgrims.  The person to be approached for accommodation in the Guest House is the Guest House Manager and for accommodation in the Pilgrim Centres and Donor Houses, the Accommodation Manager.  Viris will be allotted at the viri locations. Dewasom Accommodation Site

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